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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Week Seventeen Picks

Well, it's late; the first game of week 17 is today, and the rest all take place tomorrow, to leave Monday free for bowl games. My observations on the final week of the season:


All three of our unanimous picks are for the home team this week, and none of them scare me too much. Of course, who saw the Titans smacking down the Colts last week? Vince Young, perhaps, but none of us. We've all picked the Jets, the Colts, and the Cowboys to win this week. I'm most concerned about the Cowboys, because with the makeup of that team, they have the potential to come apart like a cheap suit at any moment.

Solo Acts of Bravery

Richard "Tank" McPheeters has picked the Falcons to win on the road against the Eagles, and Les Puryear has picked the Cardinals to beat the Chargers in San Diego. Les's pick is dependent on a certain running back becoming disoriented on the way to the stadium on game day.

Upset Special Pick of the Week

I'm still enjoying my vacation in Michigan, and I had my step-brother Scott helping me get the picks together this week. In fact, he made all my picks for me, and then we went back and selected the upset special, which had to be the Bills over the Ravens. My heart isn't really in it, but I sure wasn't about to pick the Lions. This probably seals a victory for the Lions at Texas Stadium.

Weekly Trivia

The winner of the Super Bowl is awarded the Vince Lombardi trophy. What trophy is given to the winning team of the AFC and NFC championship games?


  • At Sat Dec 30, 08:55:00 PM CST, Anonymous Joe Kennedy said…

    The AFC team gets the Lamar Hunt Trophy and the NFC team... I dunno... how about the Tom Landry Trophy? I can think of several options... but it might not even be named after a person. I did all this without cheating. Now I'm going to go look.

  • At Sun Dec 31, 05:12:00 PM CST, Anonymous Joe Kennedy said…

    You know, Wes, next year anytime we do the unanimous thing, let me know and I'll probably just switch to the LIONS. What have you done?

  • At Sat Jan 06, 02:14:00 AM CST, Blogger Wes Kenney said…

    Lamar Hunt Trophy does go to the AFC champs. NFC teams compete for the George Halas Trophy.


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