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Friday, November 03, 2006

Week Nine Picks

Well, the last of the bye weeks is upon us; after Monday, everyone's record will contain the same number of games (8), and we'll be half-way through the season. Here are some observations on this week's picks:


Not even Windsor, Ontario native Joel Bezaire would pick the Lions to win at home against the Falcons. The Lions join the Dolphins, the 49er's, and the Browns as this week's least-respected teams, at least by our contestants. I wonder how many of them will win handily.

Solo Acts of Bravery

Just because he didn't pick the Lions doesn't mean Joel is afraid to go out on a limb, as he has done by picking the Raiders (who have played more on Monday Night than any other team) to prevail on the road against the Seahawks. Joining Joel on similar limbs are Tim Sweatman, who inexplicably picked the Titans (!) to win at Jacksonville, and Robin Foster, who apparently thinks last week's defeat of the Jags by Houston was no fluke, and believes the Texans can beat the New York football Giants on their own turf. Anyone else hear a distinct sawing sound?

Upset Special Pick of the Week

I have no offering in this category this week. All week, I had my eye on the Cowboys/Redskins rivalry, but two of the later contestants picked the 'Skins. While I went ahead and picked them, it doesn't really qualify under the rules I put in place, which is that it must be a pick I have all to my self. And I just couldn't go with any of the other unpicked teams, Tim's brave selection of Tennessee notwithstanding.

Good luck to all. Remember, Thursday action is coming soon.


  • At Sat Nov 04, 03:35:00 AM CST, Blogger joe kennedy said…

    Couldn't help but notice I'm almost even with the ESPN boys (and better than someone's precious Theismann).

    Click it.

  • At Wed Nov 08, 06:28:00 PM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    For the record, I picked the Titans to make up for the week where I almost picked them against Washington. Besides, the Titans had just beaten two teams that had beaten Jacksonville.


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