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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week Five Picks

This has been a busy week, so please accept my apologies for not getting these up before Saturday afternoon. Good thing there weren't any Thursday games this week.

Just a couple of reminders: First, by popular demand I've opened these posts up for comments, so you won't have to wait for the Tuesday wrap-up at the main blog to talk some smack, if you feel so led. Second, remember that you can click on the two pictures to view them full-size, so the names are all legible. Also, in case you're ever wondering, you can look at the list of names on the unanimous picks to see the order I received the picks for the week. Strive for that top spot! This week's observations:


Only once before have we divided our picks, six for the home team and six for the visitors. It happened last week, when we split 6 and 6 in the Miami-Houston game. The final there was 17-15 in favor of the homestanding Texans.

This makes me wonder if we have perhaps predicted not one but two close contests this week, as we divided evenly in picking both the Rams at the Packers and Monday night's contest with the Broncos hosting the Baltimore Ravens.


There were several games this week that seemed obvious to everyone, and probably none more so than the Titans at the Colts. The Titans will probably score in the mid-teens, but they will lose by three touchdowns anyway.

Other obvious losers: The Bills, the Browns, and the Dolphins. Think we'll regret any of these?

Solo Acts of Bravery

Dave Samples believes, alone, that the Buccaneers will prevail against the 'Aints. Robin Foster sees New York jetting past the Jaguars. And, Joel Bezaire thinks, for some reason, that the Lions can handle the Vikings, and the noise in the HHH Metrodome. Possibly, there is no small amount of sentimentality clouding the judgment of the Windsor, Ontario native. We shall see.

Upset Special Pick of the Week

After declining to step out and predict an upset last week, I am comfortable saying that, in perhaps the ugliest matchup of the week, the Raiders can hold off the Forty-Niners in this Bay Area battle. Probably, I'll regret this pick, but it's worth a shot.

Good luck to all, and thanks for joining this little adventure. Look for the wrap-up on Tuesday.


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