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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Week Three Picks

UPDATE: While I'll still post a wrap-up on my main blog, I've opened up comments here for brotherly encouragement. This was at Joe Kennedy's suggestion, who apparently thought of it during the Bronco's thorough drubbing of the Patriots, which he alone predicted.

Thanks to everyone for getting your picks in. Remember that you can click on the two pictures here to see them full size, making them legible. Items of note for week 3:

We all like the Dolphins at home and the Ravens on the road. Or we just really don't like the Titans or the Browns. Either is possible.

Solo Acts of Bravery
"Tank" McPheeters, and he alone, believes the Vikings will prevail at home against this year's version of the Monsters of the Midway. Home field is often not enough, and that will be the case here. Joe Kennedy is going it alone in picking the Broncos to upset the Patriots in New England. Not likely, but it's good to have hope. Speaking of hope, here's my

Upset Special of the Week
I was thoroughly impressed with the Jaguars' defense against the Steelers last week, and believe they will march into the RCA Dome and shut down Manning and Co. Of course, Manning probably won't have a 104-degree fever at game-time, and there won't be many Jaguar fans in the house, so, um, maybe not. But the Colts have definitively shown that you don't have to worry about them running the football, and with a one-dimensional offense like that, NFL stands for Not For Long.

Good luck to everyone. Check my blog on Tuesday for a wrap-up of week 3.


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