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Friday, September 29, 2006

Week Four Picks

I don't know about you, but this weeks games were tough for me to pick, and I'm not optimistic about the outcome. Some observations:


We all agree about the Colts' impending domination of the Jets. And, in a game that not too long ago would have been a marquee matchup, we all picked the Eagles to defeat the aging Brett Favre and his beleaguered Packers. How the mighty have fallen.

Solo Acts of Bravery

Feathers will fly in the Georgia Dome as Arizona visits Atlanta, and only Robin Foster believes the Redbirds will defeat the Blackbirds.

In a SAoB that somewhat surprised me (in that I found myself with the majority), Kevin Bussey is alone in thinking that the Seahawks will beat the Bears in Chicago. More likely, feathers will fly in the Windy City as well.

Upset Special Pick of the Week

I don't have one. When forced to decide between the Jets and the Packers, I'll take neither, thank you.

Good luck, all. Check here for updates, and my main blog on Tuesday for the Week Four Wrap-Up.


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