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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Week Seven Picks

Again, my apologies for not getting this up earlier. I know it's tough to have time to find my mistakes when I don't get it posted until Saturday afternoon. I'll try to do better. Here are some week 7 observations:


Though there are several strong majority picks, unanimity is less prevalent this week. Hopefully, that means we'll do better than we did in the disaster that was week six. As it stands, we are in agreement about the upcoming domination of both the Colts and the Broncos, which means that at least one, and possibly both, will be humiliated, if last week is a predictor.

Solo Acts of Bravery

There are three contestants who find themselves alone on a limb this week. "Tank" McPheeters went where even Tampa-area pastor Tom Bryant refused to tread, picking the lowly Buccaneers to upset Philadelphia.

Geoff Baggett, for reasons known only to himself and to God, picks the Raiders over the Arizona Cardinals. For this to happen, the Raiders will need their defense to emulate the Bears from last week by scoring all the points. Not likely.

And finally, sentimentality again trumps logic as Joel Bezaire picks the Lions to win on the road against the New York Jets.

Upset Special Pick of the Week

I couldn't bring myself to cast a vote for the Redskins or the Browns this week, so I'm sharing this pick with Tim Sweatman and the aforementioned Joel Bezaire and picking the New York football Giants to triumph in Texas Stadium on Monday night, while Tony Kornheiser continues his embarrassing and uncomfortable argumentation with Joe Theismann. Am I the only one weary of the awkwardness Kornheiser brings to the booth? The switch from ABC to ESPN was jarring enough for me, but Kornheiser's presence in the booth is just too much. Kornheiser must go.

Good luck to all, and thanks for taking the time to share in this diversion with me.


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