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Friday, October 13, 2006

Week Six Picks

My wife has abandoned me for a ministers' wives retreat, leaving me with our two preschoolers. Now that they're sleeping, I can get my important work done. Here are some observations on this week's picks:


We are united on four games again this weeks. Our unanimous losers: The Titans, the 'Niners, the Raiders, and the Cardinals.

Solo Acts of Bravery

Dave Samples is alone in his belief that the Dolphins can beat the Jets in the Meadowlands. Tom Bryant thinks the Buccaneers can beat Cincinnati. Actually, I think he knows better, but can't bring himself to pick against Tampa Bay.

Upset Special Pick of the Week

I feel more confident about this one than about any of my previous (and disastrous) upset specials: The Texans will win on Sunday.

I think.

Well, a Texas team will win, witnessed by thousands of Texans, in Texas Stadium.

Many of the Cowboys are, in fact, Texans, in that they've moved their residence to Texas.

Either way, I'll be claiming victory here.

Good luck to everyone. Thanks for being a part of the contest.


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