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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Week Eleven Picks

Well, we've made it to the week before Thanksgiving, the last week without Thursday games (subtle reminder to send in your picks while watching Monday Night Football). Here are my observations on this week's picks.


There is much less of this in evidence this week, and it's curious that both of the teams that we all believe will win this week (Panthers and Eagles) are sporting 5-4 records. Probably, it has something to do with the fact that their opponents (Rams and Titans) are a combined 6-12 on the year.

Solo Acts of Bravery

While there are five matchups where only two contestants picked the underdog, there is only one SAoB to report this week, as Robin Foster, in a game where we should probably be more evenly divided, picked the 3-6 Washington Redskins over the 2-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hopefully, this game won't be televised in my area...

Upset Special Pick of the Week

While my heart isn't really in it, I'm picking the Oakland Raiders (2-7) to upend the Chiefs (5-4) on the Chiefs' home turf at Arrowhead Stadium. There's no good reason for that to actually happen, but that's why they play the games instead of just simulating them, right?

Weekly Trivia

In this new feature, I will pose an NFL trivia question here when I post the picks, then reveal the answer when I post the weekly wrap-up on the main blog on Tuesday, unless someone guesses correctly. Submit your guess in the comment section here. You are on your honor not to use the internet or any other resource to research your answer. Also, there is no incentive to cheat, as there are no prizes involved. So give it your best shot.

This week's question: Among head coaches with at least five full seasons of service, which one has the highest winning percentage in the history of the National Football League?


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