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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Week Fourteen Picks

And down the stretch they come...

Well, the college season is over, and until the bowls begin, pro football is in the spotlight. By the way, speaking of college football, one of the best comments I've yet heard on the running joke that is the BCS came from political operative James Carville, who co-hosts a sports talk show on XM satellite radio. He said, and this is a loose quote, "The best thing that can be said about the BCS is, as far as I know, they haven't killed anybody." Priceless.

Here are this week's observations.


We are unanimous on four games this week, predicting easy victories for the Jets, Bengals, Seahawks, and Bears. Probably, it won't happen that way at all, but for now, we're convinced. Silly us.

Solo Acts of Bravery

Only one of these to report this week, as Joe Kennedy, hopeless optimist that he is, picked the Denver Broncos to defeat the new LT and the Chargers in San Diego. Just for fun, look back through the picks; I'll give you fifteen dollars for every time Joe has picked the Broncos to lose. Of course, week 3 turned out pretty good for him...

Upset Special Pick of the Week

Fresh off my first ever correct Upset Special pick, I'm feeling good enough to pick the Browns, who jumped up and beat the Chiefs last week, to continue their winning ways by defeating the battered Steelers at the confluence on Sunday. Hey, it could happen.

Weekly Trivia

My trivia questions have apparently been far too easy until now, so I'm trying to make this one a little tougher. Remember, no one will know if you cheat except you and God. Oh, and Santa. Here's this week's question:

Of the fourteen charter franchises in the National Football League, only two remain in existence, neither in their original city and only one with their original name. What are they?


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