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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Week Twelve Picks

Thanksgiving is upon us, and with it the great tradition, started by Dallas Cowboys innovative GM Tex Schramm of watching pro football. Schramm saw an opportunity to get the Cowboys in front of the nation every year at Thanksgiving, and this is largely the reason for them becoming "America's Team." Of course, they had to do a little winning as well to claim that title, but the Thanksgiving Day game was a large part of their commercial success.

Here are some observations on this week's picks:


For the most part, these are pretty obvious, and shouldn't produce any surprises, although I always allow for a meltdown by the Cowboys. We all picked the 'Boys, the Colts (at home against the McNabb-less Eagles; duh), the Chargers (powered by the new LT), and the Seahawks (against the hapless Packers).

Solo Acts of Bravery

There are two of these to report this week, as admitted Redskins fan (no word on his "Hogette" status) Tom Bryant picks his beloved 'Skins to beat the Panthers in D.C., and Richard "Tank" McPheeters picks the Texans, inexplicably, to beat the Jets in New Jersey. All I can think of is that his in-laws are from Houston, but even that doesn't justify this pick in my mind. Oh, well.

Upset Special Pick of the Week

The Arizona Cardinals broke their losing streak last week, which has come in spite of some promising play by rookie QB Matt Leinart. In the ideal conditions of the HHH Metrodome, the Cards will put it all together on Sunday and dominate the Vikings. Or, not.

Weekly Trivia

The aforementioned Tex Schramm's first job in football was with the Los Angeles Rams, which he left in 1957 to join CBS Sports before taking the Cowboys job in 1959. Who was the legendary owner and founder of the Cowboys who hired Schramm?


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