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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Week Fifteen Picks

It's the most wonderful time in the year. Nothing like December in the NFL. Here are this week's observations:

This scares me more and more each week, and it sure burned us last week. This week, we've chosen to curse up to six teams with certain defeat: The Seahawks, Ravens, Packers, Bears, Saints, and Chargers. I hope they'll forgive us.

Solo Acts of Bravery
Only one of these to report, as last week's winner, Joel Bezaire, selects the Raiders in a (yawn, stretch) thrilling upset at home. I was sure he'd pick the Lions...

Upset Special Pick of the Week
As I observed in a comment on last week's wrap-up post, had I not decided to make this a regular feature and simply gone with the majority, I'd be comfortably in first place in this contest. But perhaps this makes up for the fact that I'm the only one who gets to see all the picks before I make mine. This week, I've picked the Houston Texans in what will certainly be an upset win at New England. Especially if it snows.

Weekly Trivia
In 1994, the year of the National Football League's 75th anniversary, a selection committee of media and league personnel named the 75th Anniversary All-Time Team. Multiple players were chosen at each position, with four at the quarterback position. How many of these all-time great quarterbacks can you name? BONUS (not sure how that works with no prize involved): Name the placekicker on this team.


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